Why Kangook?

At Kangook we like things done right!

Client First Mindset

At Kangook the customer is king! This is why our adaptive paramotor cage will satisfy you in every detail. As Pilot in Command (pic) whether beginner, competition or acrobatic, we are confident you will find the ideal product that will take you on your next paramotor adventure.

At Kangook we really do see the ‘big’ paramotor picture! Our client first attitude drives us. We have the largest range of paramotor products in the world! We have created the most modular designed paramotor in the world! Constant innovation is our motto. We provide quality products and services at an affordable price. Nothing less! We know that paramotoring is a lifetime experience. Whether it is footlaunch or trikes and chariots we are here to guide you through this experience. We would love to have you contact us!.
Love of the trade

At Kangook we really really love what we do! Our Paramotor sport and business focus drives us daily to meet and seek out new innovation challenges. How could we not be excited? After all flying a like a bird is one of the oldest dreams of mankind and today it is available to everyone!
Modularity and versatility
All our products are designed to be fully compatible.

Our range of Paramotors Kangook is a perfect example:
"Multifit" frame accepting all engine market, choice of 6 styles cage, 5 different hanging systems, etc.

The Kx1 truck offers opportunities for modularity that no other product is able to compete.

RS Ultra – Kangook Team

RS Ultra was founded in September 2008 by David Rouault.

The first developed concept was the Kangook paramotor (December 2008).

This is the first paramotor in the world offering both a cage with identical sections and offering 5 different fastening systems on the same chassis.

Our products are entirely manufactured in Quebec, Canada, with the permanent concern of quality and constant innovation.

Our distribution network covers all continents, in over 25 countries.

Kangook, it's +980 paramotors delivered to date.
David Rouault


Happily married with four wonderful children, CEO David Rouault from an early age was fascinated by anything that could fly. After completing his computer training in France he immigrated to Canada in 2000. By 2007 he had discovered and devoted himself entirely to the passion of Paramotoring. He became a Transport Canada certified instructor and then founded the Powered Paragliding (PPG) school ‘Paravoile’. While working with his students he soon discovered that PPG products on the market were not the best for training purposes. As a result in September 2008 he decided to act on his passion and the company was born.